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Why Choose Us?

Here at True North Survival Gear we are dedicated to customer service. The products we sell are field tested before we offer them on our site. Canada has some of the harshest weather invironments. So when you get to back country with your gear you'll know it's reliable. That's why we offer a money bank guarantee. If your not happy where not happy. 

"I lIke the personalized service and attention. Your not just another customer here. It's nice to know they'll do what it takes to make sure I'm satisfied."

Mike Drexler 
Satisfied customer

About Us

Ronald Tremblay 

store owner

Hi there, thanks for visiting us at True North Survival Gear. Now for a little bit about us. We are dedicated to customer service as I know from personal experience what it's like shopping online. Here your not just a customer we want you to feel like family. We understand the need for reliable equipment when camping, hiking, Fishing and hunting, that's why where offering a money back guarantee. We want you to think of us first for all you outdoor sporting goods needs. Here in Canada we have some of the harshest environmental conditions so we understand the need for field tested reliable equipment. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us. And if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We'll do our best too help.